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Discover the live job market. We turn millions of job postings daily into an interactive experience about what skills and educations employers want for their jobs. Segment the market by occupation, STEM or salary. Use the map and its familiar tools to define the area of your preferred work location. Fly to another city or state to compare the need for your skills and education. All displayed data is derived directly from the underlying database of job postings.


On your discovery you will learn which skills and education you match for the jobs you are interested in. You will also find your skills gap. Share your information with counselors and education providers to upgrade your marketability. Ideally you are still in school which gives you time to close your skills gap before you graduate.


Build your resume. We provide important text for your resume which helps employers recognize you. When you are ready apply for jobs online. Candogram partners with the National Labor Exchange reaching over 70,000 employers nationwide.

We Give You Answers

Student / Job Seeker

What jobs are available? What skills and education is required? What should I learn? How do I fit into job openings?


Counselor / Educator

What jobs do my students want? What skills are missing for the jobs they want (skills gap)? How can I build a curriculum to close their skills gap? How can I troubleshoot their job search?



Where are the candidates who match my job requirements?


High Demand Job Openings


  • Chemist
  • Electrophysiologist
  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Dietician
  • Dosimetrist
  • Pathologist
  • Scientist
  • Researcher


  • Back End Developer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Network Analyst
  • Software Architect
  • Technician
  • User Interface Designer
  • Web Developer


  • Architect
  • CAD Designer
  • Civil Engineer


  • Actuary
  • Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Underwriter
  • Economist
  • Financial Advisor
  • Statistician

Job Postings

There are millions of job openings across the country. Employers are looking for individuals who have the skills and education that match their job requirements.

In order to reach qualified candidates employers announce their job openings by posting a description together with requirements. These job postings are available on the web sites of employers as well as distributed to public job boards.

Individuals who are interested in a particular job can apply by writing and submitting an appropriate resume which addresses the specific job description and requirements.

Job postings are removed when positions are filled. As a result there is daily turnover in posted jobs. Individuals looking for work want to stay informed about jobs that have been closed as well as new job openings.

Learn To Match These Job Requirements

Mind the Skills Gap

What is your Skills Gap?

Your skills gap is the list of skills and education you don't have which employers require for the jobs you want.

Find your Skills Gap.

Select a work location and job titles you are interested in. Candogram will pull the list of skill and education requirements from the job postings and turns them into a self-assessment. Select all requirements you can match. What remains is your Skills Gap.

Upgrade Your Skills

According to research by PriceWaterhouseCoopers 38% of all US jobs could be automated by 2030.

National Labor Exchange

The National Labor Exchange (NLx) is an electronic labor-exchange network, created in 2007 in a partnership agreement between National Association of State Workforce Agencies and DirectEmployers Association (DirectEmployers). This is an unprecedented public-private partnership that leverages private non-profit-owned technology with existing state workforce agency resources.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the NLx is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive collection of real online job openings in order to achieve the highest level of efficiency for the nation's labor exchange – at no additional cost to state workforce agencies, employers and job seekers.

The vision of the NLx is to provide the nation with an accurate understanding of the current labor market in order to improve labor exchange efficiency to better serve our nation's diverse workforce.

Education Partners

Let employers know what you can do (Can-do-gram)