How do I get the high paying job I want?

A program for students in high school and college built on millions of live job postings

- Know the job market

- Network with professionals

- Promote yourself

Get the high paying job you want

Know the Job Market

- explore jobs in-demand

- know required skills and education

- know your target employers

- internships as the gateway to a job

Network with professionals

- networking as unemployment insurance

- networking with a job as the goal

- use LinkedIn to build a personal network

Promote yourself

- why self-promotion is essential

- how to promote your skills in networking conversations

- how to promote yourself on social media

- what to write in a modern resume

Our Program

We take a long-term approach to train students for the job market. Many adolescent students are insecure about the world outside home and school. Breaking through to become independent takes years.

Our program is aligned with student development. We offer a four-year program which is purchased in annual installments. Each installment contains eight in-person classes. Between classes students complete homework assignments which practice steps into the world of business. The program continues during the school year with bi-weekly homework assignments keeping students engaged.

Students Face Many Challenges on Their Job Search

Students spend years learning English, Math, Sciencs, Technology, Art and even trades but not the skills to turn this into a high paying job.

Job Market Exploration

The job market is opaque. What jobs are in-demand and which employers have openings? Timely data about employers and their labor needs is hard to come by. Government data is anonymous and job boards are not made to educate.

We analyze millions of job postings daily and turn them into a job exploration experience for students including 40,000 internships from 10,000 employers. On our platform students learn which high paying jobs are in demand and who the employers are they need to connect with.

Networking and Self Promotion Skills

Students are taught to focus on getting good grades yet grades don't turn into employment by themself. It requires an additional set of skills that turn the hard won education achievements into a great job.

Experienced professionals know that networking and self promotion are essential to landing the next better job. We train students to build a personal network over time as well as spotting opportunities to connect with the right people and pitch themselves.

Job Search has Changed

The internet has changed job search dramatically. Companies receive hundreds of resumes for a single job opening. Automated screening (Applicant Tracking Systems) removes every resume that is not tailored to the specific job opening a candidate applies to. Next, employers will research the digital footprint of candidates whose resume makes it through the screening.

We practice with students how to overcome the most common obstacles to reach a job interview including resume filters, lack of positive digital footprint and diverse experiences.

Finding the Right Job for a Person is Hard

Henning Seip is an experienced hiring manager who learned first hand how hard it is to find the right person for a job.

A good candidate does a great sales job during the interview. If a candidate is qualified and loves the job interviewers feel it. Creating the fit is the responsibility of the candidate not the employer. For entry level candidates it means that they obtained the skills and education the job requires as well as a good understanding of the business of the prospective employer. In addition they need the communication skills and persistence to connect with and present to the hiring team.

The years in high school are the best time to explore jobs and companies and learn how to build relationships that ease the path into the first job. This is where we help.

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