Get Skills Employers Want

Get Skills Employers Want

Job market education for students in high school and college built on millions of live job postings

Job market education for students

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For classes call (475) 988-5874

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What We Do

data analysis

Every day employers tell with their job postings which skills and education are required to get hired.

We analyze millions of these job postings daily and turn them into an online learning experience for students.

We educate students about the job market and what employers need years before they graduate giving them the opportunity to make more informed decisions about their education.

Our unique technology and approach to teaching students about the job market takes them on a journey during which they explore jobs in demand for themselves. Choosing a job title they work backward to learn from the job requirements which skills and post-secondary education employers want.

How It Works

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We offer classes to high schools either in-person or remote. During class students learn the basics of the job market, jobs in demand as well as skills and education required.

Included with every class is access to the Candogram system where students explore the live job market. As part of this online journey students discover job titles employers use and skill requirements they can already match. This gives students a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence.

Similar to the stock market Candogram tracks changes of employers' needs over time. With continous access to Candogram students learn about the ups and downs of the job market and the arrival of jobs of the future.

Local Job Market

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Classes are taught with local job market information. In New York City students learn from over 2,000 employers with local job openings, internships and apprenticeships.

Students learn what job titles are in demand as well as the skill and education requirements needed for those jobs.

All job market data updates every 24 hours letting students experience the dynamic of change in demand.

Available Classes

All classes are taught with data from the local job market (city or state). All data links to live job openings and employers. Classes are a single period in length and are available with in-person or remote instruction.
Introduction to the job market

In this class students learn about:

  • Employers
  • Job seekers
  • Job posting and resume
  • Changing needs of the job market
  • Job titles in high demand

Students will be able to identify job titles in high demand and the required skills and education.

Introduction to industries

In this class students learn about:

  • What is an industy and industry sector
  • Industries with jobs in high demand
  • Products and services
  • How to research employers

Students will be able to identify industry sectors, industries, industries with high demand for skilled workers as well as selected employers and their products and services.

Transferable skills

In this class students learn about:

  • What are transferable skills
  • Transferable skills in high demand
  • What transferable skills do I already have

Students will be able to recognize transferable skills and how they relate to their work at school.