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What We Do

Candogram analyzes the text of millions of job postings for the common skills and education requirements and turns them into a self-assessment for students and job seekers to find their match and gap for jobs they want.

Common Job Requirements

Many job requirements in job postings are common. A common job requirement is the same requirement used by many employers. Examples: Microsoft Excel, Project Management, Bachelor Degree, etc.. There are thousands of common job requirements in job postings.

The weight of a common job requirement is determined by the number of job postings it appears in.

Skills Gap

Students self-assess and select requirements they can match for jobs they want. This self-assessment splits the requirements into two groups: Matched Requirements and Not Matched Requirements (Gap).

The Skills Gap is the list of skills and education a student is lacking for the jobs he/she wants.

Career Readiness

Career Readiness is a process, not an event. In this process employability is increased through the alignment of education with job requirements of jobs students want. Job requirements are proof of relevance hence motivate students to learn.

Start Early

Education takes time. There are many job requirements even a 9th grader can do. Students receive a boost of motivation when they discover that they have skills employers value. By getting their attention early their skills gap can be closed as they progress towards graduation.

On Candogram, students can share the jobs they want as well as their self-assessed skills gap with counselors. This presents an opportunity for counselors to engage students and provide the needed education to close or reduce their skills gap.

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