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I am Henning Seip and I love data analysis, specifically the data we can mine from job postings.

Employers post millions of job postings telling in the text what skills and education they are looking for. But who is listening?

I started to research job postings about 15 years ago working with clients to support the creation of training programs. If we train what employers are looking for people find employment faster.

Students are in the best position to make use of data we extract from job postings because students are in full-time learning mode. If you have this information you can make smarter career choices and pick courses at high school and university which enbables you to be ready for employment by the time you graduate.

Candogram analyzes 2 million job postings every 24 hours and converts them into a structured dataset which is the foundation of this website.

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A system where you tell what you can do.

Henning Seip